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HCF Chlorination Systems

Treatment Specialties/Link Automation is proud to introduce the HCF System into the industry. This groundbreaking water quality control system offers a true solution to chloramine control!

High Capacity Feed system addresses the truth that chloramine production simply occurs because:
  1. Chlorination systems are undersized to meet the organic demands of any swimming pool.
  2. Pool dosing by conventional means (pumping) does not provide the proper mixing of chlorine into the water to yield the desired chemical reactions. This results in the chlorine reacting directly with the organics and creating Disinfection Bi-products (DPB's).
  3. Most water quality controller programming does not address the ever-changing dynamics of swimming pools in the market.
Our HCF Systems achieve proper dosing of your pool by:
  1. Robust sizing of your pool chemical feeders to meet any demands.
  2. Proper mixing of chemicals to achieve the desired chemical reactions you want, eliminating the production of unwanted DBP's.
  3. Proprietary controller parameters that are designed to keep up with the ever-changing demands that pools demonstrate.

We Offer the following options:

- Improved water quality control
- Improved bather experience - less complaints
- Improved water clarity from improved oxidation
- Improved air quality from reduction of chloramines
- Improved recovery of your pool after busy periods Do you need HCF?
- Has your water clarity decreased since the pool opened?
- Does your ORP controller struggle to keep set point during busy periods?
- Is pH control inconsistent?
- Does your pool have chloramine issues?
- Are you considering adding supplemental sanitation, such as UV, or Ozone, to rectify these issues?
- Are health department issues affecting your operations?

If you said "YES" to any of these, you ARE an HCF Candidate! We offer a turnkey solution to your water quality issues with a better price point than supplemental sanitation. Remember, you are simply getting "back to the basics”.

High Capacity Feed system addresses the truth that chloramine production simply occurs because:
  • HCF 100 Series: A complete turnkey water quality control system that includes ORP/pH Control, with feeder options for Bleach/Accu-tab(Calcium Hypochlorite/Salt Generation) & Acid/CO2.  Also available with a CO2/Acid Switchover for better pH/Alkalinity Control.
  • HCF 1000 Series: Offering the same options as the 100 Series, with the added benefit of remote monitoring capabilities via Ethernet or WIFI that is accessible via Tablet and Smartphone.  The system shown above is a complete turnkey system installed at the Owen J Roberts High School Pool in Pottsville, PA.
  • HCF-FEED Series: For those with controllers already Installed - we offer pre-configured eduction feeder options that will improve your water quality (Pre-requisite: Controller must incorporate time based proportional controls, which are field adjustable).  For pools 1000 gallons and beyond, we have the right configuration for you! Better feed rates, complete mixing, in a form factor that requires less maintenance over conventional pumping!
  • HCFTAB-FEED Series: Our new calcium hypochlorite tablet based systems is preconfigured with or without eduction based pH feed.  Dual pH feed is standard in allowing for better control of alkalinity levels, providing for outstanding LSI maintenance and superior overall water quality.
  • HCFSALT-FEED Series: Our newest option offers commercially available salt generation systems with HCF sizing.
  • HCFECON-FEED Series: An affordable option utilizing conventional pumps.  This comes with our patent pending manifold that will provide the HCF performance you can expect from our eduction based systems.  Call for sizing and pricing.

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