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Treatment Specialties

25 Arrow Road, Ramsey, NJ

Treatment Specialties

25 Arrow Road, Ramsey, NJ

Treatment Specialties

25 Arrow Road, Ramsey, NJ

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Welcome to Treatment Specialties

Treatment Specialties is the leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial pool filtration and chemical treatment equipment in the  NYC Tri-State area.

Featured Products

Hypochlorous Acid Generators

The ChlorKing HYPOGEN is a stand alone, on-site generator optimized to produce hypochlorous acid and convert it into Neutral Electrolyzed Water (NEW).

The system converts salt, water, weak acid and electricity into an effective, safe and powerful solution that can substitute for a number of conventional chemicals used on a daily basis.

Mer-Made Level Control Valves and Float Valves

Mer-Made level control valves are direct replacements to vacuum DE filter systems.

Mer-Made float valves for surge/balance tanks are available in open pipe and in line configurations, with single or dual floats.

FRP Strainers by Mer-Made

We also offer fiberglass pump strainers by Mer-Made. These premium strainers offer superior performance and reliability over stock strainers.

AXIALL Accu-tab System

We offer the Accu-Tab tablet chlorination system by AXIALL Corp. Used where bleach storage is a concern, Accu-tab offers a unique approach to chlorination. 3" Accu-tab blue tablets provide longer shelf life, and easier operations compared to other tablet-based systems. AVAILABLE IN SOUTHEASTERN NEW YORK / NORTHERN NEW JERSEY ONLY.

AXIALL Acid-Rite Tablet pH Control System

The Acid-Rite pH Control System is the 1st tablet pH control system for the Aquatics Industry. Easier to handle than muriatic acid, less harmful to pump rooms, with the ease and consistency of its calcium hypochlorite counterpart.

Signet Flow Meters

We are pleased to provide you with Signet flow meters .  Available in analog and digital. The new 9900 transmitter offers advanced features for your flow measuring needs.


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