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SENTRY Ultraviolet Light Systems

ChlorKing®’s line of SENTRY ultraviolet light (UV) pool sanitization systems are designed and manufactured specifically for commercial swimming pools and spas. This cost-effective line of low-pressure, high-output amalgam systems offers complete chloramines control for your indoor facility, as well as protection from pathogens such as cryptosporidium, e-coli, etc.

Using patented, quick-disconnect assemblies, this line of ultraviolet light pool sanitization systems offers the easiest disassembly/assembly available and make getting to the quartz sleeves and lamps a simple task.

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Return on Investment


General information about SENTRY Ultraviolet Light Systems including a chart comparing the different models.


Technical Document

Detailed information about installation, operation, and maintenance of SENTRY Ultraviolet Light Systems

Technical Drawings (CAD)

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