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UV Sanitation Systems

As More Chemical Resisitant RWI's are becoming prevalent in the Pool & Spa Industry, the need for Supplemental Sanitizers to Chlorine are becoming necessary.  Treatment Specialties is proud to provide our customers with Low and Medium Pressure UV Options to meet their needs.

What is the Difference between Low and Medium Pressure UV?  Simply put, we are talking about the type of bulb being used (the terms "Low" and "Medium" Pressure refer to the internal pressure in the UV Bulb.  Low Pressurre UV creates the appropriate UV wavelength to effectively kill Chlorine Resistant Pathogens, such as Cryptosporidium; Medium Pressure UV operates at a higher wavelength, assuring you complete control of these pathogens.

Sentry Low Pressure UV

Sentry Aqua Guard™ uses an ingenious blend of  technologies, to cleanse and purify water in your pools, ponds, spas, drinking water, home or office air, sick building syndrome and much more. Our UV’s kills and cleans E. coli, cryptosporidium, and other dangerous microorganisms from water while oxidizing organic matter from your water.  From our whole house water filtration units, to our custom-designed units for your pools, ponds, fountains, industry water or air needs we provide simple and affordable solutions for the cleanest water & air ever.  Sentry Ultraviolet makes this GREEN technology available now.   Our UV’s are designed with your needs in mind. So, for Tomorrow’s Technology Today - Rely on
Sentry Ultraviolet, Inc

Hanovia Medium Pressure UV Systems by AQUIONICS

Hanovia pioneered the use of UV in swimming pools in the 1980’s and since then has installed thousands of systems around the World.  Hanovia UV has many benefits in swimming pools. Primarily it destroys the combined chlorine (also known as chloramines) that form in the water from the
reaction of bather-introduced chemicals and chlorine. These chemicals produce the unpleasant odor sometimes encountered in a pool, causing “red-eye” and skin irritation, cloudy water, and can also attack the steel structure of the pool buildings.  Hanovia UV also has a disinfection effect, and although chlorine is still required the amount of chlorine required can often be dramatically reduced.

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