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Palintest Pool & Spa

We are proud to bring you Palintest Photometric Testing.
Over many years the Palintest name has become synonymous with the most advanced and professional equipment for testing, swimming pool and spa water quality. This expertise is recognized worldwide with Palintest equipment being used and recommended by profesional bodies in the aquatic sector around the globe.
 The Palintest pool testing range offers solutions to meet all applications and budgets ranging from the most demanding professional aquatic facilities to simple solutions for domestic pool testing.
Swimming pools and spas provide both exercise and enjoyment for a growing number of people worldwide. One of the keys to ensuring a safe and healthy bathing environment is ensuring that water is maintained in peak condition.  The well proven Palintest system of water testing on which all our products are based is both simple to use yet provides rapid and reliable results. Due to the robust design of the test equipment and methods they are suitable for all users either with or without previous experience in water analysis.
Maintaining the pool water in good condition not only provides improved enjoyment it is also cost effective, as it ensures pools, fixtures and fittings are not damaged by incorrectly treated water and optimises the use of costly pool chemicals.

Taylor Technologies Pool & Spa Water Testing

Taylor has the tests you need to assure excellent water quality, whether you are a Do It Yourselfer caring for a private pool or spa between trips to the neighborhood pool supply store, or visits by a service company; OR an Environmental Health Professional monitoring Public Pools; OR an Aquatic Facility Operator.  Fill out the Form below, and We can show you the affordable options Taylor has to offer.

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