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Chemical Feed Equipment

The Solution Bleach Feed System

by Surewater Technologies

We are an exclusive distributor and service center for the NSF listed solution chemical feeder. Easier bleach operations - no more pump lines to break or leak. No more feed tubes to replace! Get the correct amount of chlorine into your pool when you need it. (1784 GPD) This feeder is the basis of our complete High Capacity Feed (HCF) System. 

The Solution X-2

by Surewater Technologies

The Solution X-2 is an NSF listed dual purpose eduction feeder - it is designed for feeding both bleach and acid. You can expect hassle-free operation of your chemical injection (197 GPD). Paired with our HCF System, it completes the package for smaller pools. 

Dual feed pH/alkalinity control systems

Treatment Specialties now offers a dual feed solution to correct the alkalinity issues associated with either CO2 (alkalinity increases) or acid (alkalinity decreases). Did you know that by feeding both CO2 and Acid simultaneously, in the correct proportions, you can effectively maintain a steady alkalinity without acid dropping, or adding baking soda into the pool? Our systems are available in static mixer or venturi feed, and can be retrofitted into any existing pH feed system.

Carbon dioxide feed systems by Link Automation

We offer carbon dioxide feed systems as an alternative to acid feed for pH control. Designed to protect your equipment from corrosion.

AXIALL Accu-tab Systems

We offer the Accu-Tab tablet chlorination system by AXIALL Corp. Used where bleach storage is a concern, Accu-tab offers a unique approach to chlorination. 3" Accu-tab blue tablets provide longer shelf life, and easier operations compared to other tablet-based systems. AVAILABLE IN SOUTHEASTERN NEW YORK AND NORTHERN  NEW JERSEY ONLY.

AXIALL Acid-Rite Tablet pH Control System

First came the Accu-tab Feeder in the 1990's, revolutionizing Chlorination, and now, the Acid-Rite pH Control System will be making its debut shortly as the 1st Tablet pH control system for the Aquatics Industry! Easier to handle than Muriatic Acid, less harmful to pump rooms, with the ease and Consistency of its Cal Hypo Counterpart!

LMI Chemical Feed Pumps

LMI Pumps offer precision dosing of your chemicals, while offering options for almost any size pool.

Stenner Chemical Feed Pumps

We are a Stenner Pump distributor & service station. Stenner peristaltic pumps offer superior operation, easy tear down and rebuild, and reliable performance.

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