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Mer-Made Level Control Valves

Mer-Made level control valves are direct replacements to vacuum DE filter systems.

Mer-Made Float Valves

Mer-Made Float Valves for Surge/Balance Tanks are available in open pipe and in line configurations, with single or dual floats.

Griswold Flow Control Valves

Griswold Flow Control Valves provide the required flows to your System automatically - extending filter cycles, and ensuring you are not overwhelming your Filter.  We have assemblies for both Filter flow, and Backwash Flow. 

Asahi Pool Pro Type SP Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are named for the wing-like action of the flow-controlling disc, which operates at right angles to the flow. The disc has about the same diameter as the connecting pipe, and the flow is straight through, with a low pressure drop. Maintenance is easy due to the small number of moving parts. The butterfly valve can be used either as an on/off or modulating type of valve. These valves may be operated manually, electrically, or pneumatically.

Features and Benefits

  • Submersible construction material allows complete submersion of valve body as all components are compatible with chlorinated
  • PVC/PVC/EPDM construction -  Ideal for chlorinated
    water applications. 
  • Blue Handle Design  - New blue  handle designates the proper valve is in place for chlorinated water applications. 
  • 316SS Non-wetted Stem - Stem  does not come in contact with the media, but is still compatible if in direct  contact. 
  • Thermoplastic Material - Lightweight construction
    allows for easy installation. 
  • ISO Mounting Pad - Allows for  field mounting of accessories including: stem extensions, gear operators and automation.

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