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Compact UFV Membrane Filtration Systems

The compact Sanborn UFV ultrafiltration systems are ideal for the disposal of oily wastewater. These systems can reduce wastewater by as much as 98% without the use of chemical additives. Effluent is typically discharged directly to sewer, dramatically reducing waste disposals costs.


Self-Contained Packaged System 

• Easy Installation with limited manpower

• System delivered pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-tested

• System is easily expandable to double processing capacity


Simple and Efficient Operation

• Polymeric membrane is insensitive to chemical concentration in wastewater streams 

• Vertical seal-less pumps can handle highly abrasive solids

• 1/2" tubular membranes allow processing of high solids wastewater


Dramatic Direct Cost Savings

• Reduce wastewater volumes by up to 98%

• Recycled fluids saves the costs of new fluid purchases 


Simple Operation and Reliable Performance 

• Operates with a single pump and no chemical additives 

• Membranes provide a positive barrier between process and the environment

-       UFV-200

-       UFV-250

-       UVF-500

-       UFV-750

-       UFV-1500 (specs, PDF)

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