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Tank Mounted and Custom Engineered Systems

Integrated Centrifuge Systems

Most of our integrated centrifuge systems are available in pre-configured system including tanks, pumps and process controls. Shown above is our Turbo T10-3-315, commonly used as a 3-Phase central system for coolant recycling. Centralized centrifuge systems, coolant make-up systems, automated controls, clean fluid return pumps, etc. are available upon customer’s request to meet your application parameters.

We also offer the 2-phase LiquaPac HS series in several tank mounted LiquaPac RCS models. The LiquaPac RCS systems is a continuously operating Recirculating Centrifuge System “RCS” that recirculates the clean fluid from the clean tank back to the centrifuge for multi-pass centrifugal separation. This process increases the centrifuge particle separation and removal efficiency and maintains optimal operating conditions of the metal working coolant for the machining or grinding operations. The range in size from a single centrifuge mounted on a clean/dirty tank up to four centrifuge system capable of up to 120 GPM.

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LiquaPac HS Centrifuges

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