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Customized Turbo Centrifuge Recycling Systems

Turbo T10-3-315 centrifuge system

The Turbo Centrifuge Recycling Systems can be supplied with integral process tankage and equipped with process equipment that meets your specific fluid recycling application requirements. Many of the Turbo Centrifuges can be equipped with a SS rotor, housing, tanks, etc. for processing parts washing solutions, vibratory deburring, phosphatizing solutions, rinses etc. within a pH range of 4 – 14 S.U..

"Off the Shelf" Turbo Centrifuge System

Most of our integrated Fluid Recycling Systems are available in pre-configured system including tanks, pumps and process controls to effectively service machine tools and provide a continuously cleaned and clarified sump for oils and metal working coolants.  Shown here is our Turbo T10-3-315 Centrifuge System, commonly used as a “liquid/liquid/solid” three-phase central system for tramp oil removal, coolant recycling and fluid purification.

Turbo T14 Centrifuge System

Custom Engineered Turbo Centrifuge Systems

In addition to our pre-configured off-the-shelf systems, we also custom design integrated fluid recycling systems that are engineered for your specific needs. Shown here is a T14-2 mounted on a dirty/clean tank system with a large chiller and a high-pressure supply pump. Optional equipment includes clean fluid supply pumps, chillers, level sensors, coolant make-up control valves, etc. magnetic pre-filters, hydrocyclones, etc.

Turbo T14 Centrifuge System

Centralized Coolant Clarification Systems

Multiple centrifuges mounted in process tankage and customized clean fluid supply pumps are also commonly used for centralized coolant purification systems servicing multiple machine tools.

Features and Benefits

  • High Bowl Speed for Maximum Separation Efficiency
  • Uses No Consumable Media
  • High Speed Dewatering Reduces Solids Disposal Volumes

Turbo Separator Centrifuge Applications:

  • Metal working coolants and oils
  • Optical glass grinding
  • Glass Fabrication
  • Ceramics and composite grinding
  • Paint booth processes
  • Phosphate bath and rinsing solutions
  • Parts washer applications
  • Gallium arsenide
  • Wire Drawing
  • Laundry Processes
  • Vibratory deburring
  • Silica Wafer cutting and grinding
  • Stone cutting and grinding
  • Biofuel and Oil Production
  • Sludge processing and dewatering
  • Wastewater clarification

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