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Sanborn Nanofiltration (NF) Systems

Sanborn Nanofiltration (NF) Systems are designed for unattended operation in the purification of rinse waters containing suspended, colloidal, and emulsified matter. The NF systems are used for the recycling of rinse water streams generated by aqueous parts washer solutions, fluorescent dye penetrant rinse water, phosphatizing rinse water, etc. These compact NF systems are shipped completely assembled with processing capacities from 200 – 4,000 gallons per day.

Sanborn NF Nanofiltration System Benefits and Features:

Self-Contained Packaged System

  • Systems are delivered as a pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-tested equipment skids to minimize system installation, commissioning and start-up.
  • Simple Installation with minimal manpower
  • Easily expandable to double processing capacity

Dramatic Direct Cost Savings

  • Reduces wastewater disposal costs by reducing oily wastewater volumes by upwards of 98%+ depending on the % oil concentration in the feed stream
  • Increases opportunities for recycling fluids and wastewater streams to save the recurring costs of new fluid purchases and waste

Simple Operation and Reliable Performance

  • Operates with a single pump and no chemical additives 
  • Membranes provide a positive barrier between process and the environment
  • Applications

    • Parts Washer Rinse Recycling
    • FDP Rinse Water Recycling
    • Phosphatizing Rinse Recycling
    • Water Softening
    • Color Removal
    • BOD/COD Reduction
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