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Turbo T10-3 Centrifuges

The Turbo T10-3 is a manual three-phase centrifuge designed for “liquid/liquid/solids” separation for higher flow rate applications with tramp oil skimming and moderate solids loading. The Turbo T10-3 has the capability to remove particles down to the 5-micron range. The manually cleaned self-draining aluminum centrifuge rotor is equipped with a heavy-duty plastic liner for ease of sludge removal.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Bowl Speed for Maximum Separation Efficiency
  • High Speed Dewatering Reduces Solids Disposal Volumes
  • Uses No Consumable Media
  • Applications

    • Metal working coolants and oils
    • Ceramics grinding
    • Composite grinding
    • Parts washing solutions
    • Phosphate Solutions and Rinses
    • Laundry Processes
    • Oily Wastewater Processes
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